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Commanding a ship travelling into the deepest depths of space, you hurtle as far as possible, stopping for nothing! There is no turning back, it is just you against them!

How do you measure up against other Hurtling players?

World Wide Leaderboard

Player Score Date
Kaylee!!!15405030 Jan 2017
Chantelle10160015 Feb 2017
Patty10110011 Feb 2017
sim10002525 Jan 2017
Tim10002530 Jan 2017
akinat9035029 Jan 2017
akinat8545028 Jan 2017
jameson8457510 Mar 2020
Tutti too too8400028 Jan 2017
Jeskai8245028 Jan 2017
wasp8205029 Jan 2017
Gandalf8192528 Jan 2017
Tanika7995028 Jan 2017
SUPERIOR_7935010 Mar 2020
flieger7890027 Jan 2017
PancakeMuncher7805028 Jan 2017
Baci7732517 Mar 2020
akinat7425006 Feb 2017
Anonymous6735030 Jan 2017
**SuperMan**6630030 Jan 2017