Purple Sky


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A casual game for young and old, blending strategy and luck.

Featuring soothing flute music that is constantly arranged and rearranged by the game itself.

How do you measure up against other Purple Sky players?

World Wide Leaderboard

Player Score Date
Shade9617502 Apr 2017
Tallaine7150012 Feb 2017
Toady6147530 Mar 2017
Harriet5880025 Jan 2017
samantha4935008 May 2018
Bethany4232523 Jan 2017
PurpleSky4200221 Jan 2017
by4200121 Jan 2017
Abstracture4200021 Jan 2017
Justine3865012 Feb 2017
Hazel3280005 Feb 2017
Kari3082525 Jan 2017
beauty2927510 Feb 2017
Rachel2620008 Feb 2017
Harley2555014 Feb 2017
Gavin2487515 Feb 2017
Jack1817507 Mar 2017
Sera1555006 Feb 2017
Tim1427524 Jan 2017
*chillin*1355013 Feb 2017